College Audition Pro

CAP Method

Sorting through the intricacies of the College Audition Process.

All Year Contracted Students receive the following services.


The MOnologues and their preparation

CAP will help you will select your 2 Contrasting Contemporary pieces and your 1 Classical piece to create your “perfect audition package”. Each monologue is individualized and proprietary for that student and picked to showcase the student’s breath and depth as an actor. After reading your plays and memorizing your pieces the Coaching Sessions will be spent exploring in-depth character analysis, motivation, objectives, and other important aspects for a complete understanding of your role and piece. With extreme attention to detail, Susan or Keelin will creatively direct and block your pieces making them uniquely yours, meticulously focusing on truth of emotion, comedic timing and command of classical verse.

INTErview prep

With Susan or Keelin, you will prep for the very important interview process. You will be asked Interview Questions and be given a list of questions that the top schools have asked over the past 10 years. You will discuss how to confidently answer these questions so the schools can get to know you as a person!

Staying connected during the auditions

Having personally been through this process, Susan and Keelin understand the importance of staying in contact with their students during the audition circuit, answering any question they may have about their auditions. Susan and Keelin attend the LA Unified Auditions to be with their students and offer guidance and moral support.

Pre-Screen Filming and Requirements

After all the schools have updated their websites Susan or Keelin will email a Word Doc with all the necessary Pre-Screen material needed to submit per school. As more schools have begun to use the pre-screen process to lower the number of live auditions so have the specific requirements become more cumbersome. With Susan or Keelin you will review those requirements and have your pieces ready to be filmed for each school .College Audition Pro does not do any uploading or editing of Pre-Screen material. Pre-Screen filming does not include Dance or Singing portions of Pre-Screens for MT students.

headshot photographer referrals/selection

Headshots are important! They’re your “Calling Card” and the last image the auditors take with them. Many schools use the headshots of potential students to determine what an incoming freshman class will look like. Susan and Keelin will give referrals of fabulous photographers they have worked with over the last 10 years. Once the headshots have been taken they will advise which shots will leave the strongest lasting impression.

Additional Information and Prepared docs

Also included in the CAP contract are any specific extra audition pieces that may be required in addition for a specific college theatre program. Wardrobe Selection advice. Prompt for Artistic Essay that students can use for most of the supplements. Information and “What to Bring” Doc For the Unified Audition Circuit. Additional Research for programs requiring extra information

audition spreadsheet - The Requirements and Logistics

Once you have determined your Audition-based School List you will receive an Audition Line-Up Spreadsheet with specific Audition Requirements per school. Included in this Spreadsheet are suggested Location, Days and Time Slots we recommend you select. You will also receive a Word Doc with Audition Scheduling information and which schools require application submission prior and/or pre-screens and the chronological order in which we suggest you submit your applications.

resume formatting

Academic Artistic Resumes are slightly different from Professional Acting Resumes. Susan or Keelin will give you the necessary formatting to be use for your resume and templates in which to create your resume. After you have created your resume Susan or Keelin will make any necessary adjustments making sure your resume is clear and easy to read.

school list for audition-based programs

After filling out a Questionnaire Susan or Keelin will compile an Audition-Based school List with URL’s. They will give you a “To Do List” of what you need to research for each of these programs to determine if that school and program is a good fit for you. They will also suggest non-audition based programs, but please note your non-audition based programs must be decided upon by your college counselor.