College Audition Pro

Just a few



Your guidance this past year has been absolutely essential to my finding a path for myself for the next 4 years. Your material was fantastic, you connections were beyond helpful, and your support and kindness were reassuring even in the most difficult time during the audition process. I will never really be able to repay you. I have so much to thank-you for!
— Atticus - Carnegie Mellon Class 2020

Thank-you for everything. The guidance, the monologues, the insights and the connections. You are representational of this time of my life between childhood and adulthood. I appreciate you guiding me through this process and I would not have been able to navigate it on my own.
— Frank - UCLA 2021

I am so thankful for all our time together! Thank-you so much for everything you have taught me! Upon reading my acceptance email, I felt so many emotions, most of all joy and gratitude. It has been amazing to work with a coach who can provide so much for her students: the workshops, the encouragement... everything! I really could not have done this without you. Thank-you!
— Ashley - NYU, Tisch 2018

Thank-you so much for all of your help with the college audition process. I would have been so lost and overwhelmed without you and I’m incredibly thankful and grateful you were there to get me though everything. I am so excited to be attending Otterbein and I have you to thank for my acceptance!
— Dana - Otterbein 2017

Thank you so much for everything! You helped me so much with this entire process and I am forever grateful for all your support and help with the college audition process!
— Tyler - Elon 2022

I got into Pace - MT!!! They said they have never seen someone with a higher acting score :)) Thank-you so much!
— Quinn - Pace 2022

I cannot thank-you enough for all your help and support during the college audition process. I can say with complete honesty that I literally would not be where I am without you!
Thank-you so much!
— Jackson - University of Michigan 2019

I feel so fortunate to have worked with you and can’t imagine what the process would have been like without your wealth of knowledge and expertise! Thank-you for your professionalism, caring and friendship!
— Hanna - University of Southern California 2017

I am absolutely loving UNCSA and I wake up every morning feeling grateful to train here. Thank-you for all your guidance and wisdom last year - Seriously I wouldn’t be here without everything you did to help me prepare - thank-you!
— Sam - University of North Carolina School of the Arts 2021

Thank-you for all your help and just.... well.... everything!!!!
— Kara - Rider 2017

I wanted to sincerely thank-you for everything you did to help me get into Boston University. I truly believe I would not be where I am today without your guidance through the audition process which I know will benefit me for life! Thank-you so much!
— Henry - Boston University 2022

Penn State’s program is AMAZING and I am so happy with the outcome!!!!!!
I can’t thank you enough!
— Amanda - Penn State 2021

I can’t thank-you enough for everything - I love USC!!!
— Madelyn - University of Southern California 2021

I could not have done any of this without you. This weekend of auditions has shown me how utterly indebted I am to your for all the vital preparation we went through.
I can not thank-you enough!
— Gabe - Boston University 2017

I wanted to thank-you for all you have done for me. You have not only offered countless opportunities and terrific training, but you gave such wonderful advise and support. I could always count on you for your honest opinion and genuine expertise guiding me in the direction best for ME! I do not know what I would have done without you!
— Sonya - NYU, Tisch 2017

Thank you so much for everything. I was speechless when I read my acceptance earlier, and though I’m still shellshocked I got in... it kinda makes sense because I had the best coach ever :)
Thanks so much for everything!
— Nick UCLA 2016

Thank-you for all the support and guidance you have offered these many months. You helped me tackle many challenges and given me skills I will continue to use in the future. Thank-you for being my mentor - your guidance was immeasurable. Many, many thanks!
— Kenzie - NYU, Tisch 2016

I’m crying and shaking! I got into USC! I am so happy!
Thank-you so much for helping me get through this college audition process and get into the most amazing school on the planet!
— Eva - University of Southern California - 2017

Just a “thanks” to you seems so insignificant. You have equipped Hanna to be on the path to her dreams. That is no small thing. To have attempted to navigate the college audition process without you? It simply would not have happened for her! You guided her and gave her the tools to pull it off.

So, as small as this thank you effort is, it is so sincere, We thank you with all our hearts! I hope that, if you ever wonder if your efforts with these high school kids makes a difference, you will remember that you made a tremendous difference with our daughter! She is livin’ the dream, in large part because of YOU!!!
— Parents of Hanna - Carnegie Mellon University 2017